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If Queensland's Sunshine Coast region has a heart, it would be Maroochydore. Technically and literally, the resort town can be considered a regional heart because it is at the geographic center of the area. Because of that, Maroochydore is functioning as the central business district and trading capital in all of Sunshine Coast.

Maroochydore got its name from an old Yuggera word 'Muru-kutchi' which means 'red bill', a black swan that is endemic to the area. At the center of Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore is bordered in the south by the town of Caloundra and to the north by Noosa.

As a commercial district, Maroochydore has several shopping malls, including the famous Sunshine Plaza. The town has its own airport, the Sunshine Coast Airport where tourists going to Maroochydore and to other towns in the region. To complete Maroochydore's function as a transport hub in the region, it has the major bus interchange for all of Sunshine Coast through its TransLink services.<

Summers in Maroochydore, just like all other towns in the region come between December to February, when daily temperatures average about 21°C to 28°C. The sub-tropical climate is tempered by the nearby ocean. Thus, summers are not brazing hot and winters, which come on June to August, are not freezing. In Maroochydore, strolling and doing leisure outdoor activities can be enjoyed all year long.

One of the main attractions of Maroochydore is the Cotton Tree, a suburban holiday site along the equally popular Maroochy River. The Cotton Tree is well serviced and adorned by numerous caravan parks and holiday accommodations. If you are aiming to take a break or a well-planned vacation in this Australian holiday destination, the Cotton Tree will surely be the specific Maroochydore site where you should be headed for accommodations.

Surfing is the main leisure and fun activity advocated in Maroochydore. That is because there is a good blend of surf beaches in the area. The waters can also get calm at some portions, facilitating for boating activities. There is a main surfing beach that is open to the public and is highly popular within and outside the country. There are regular surf lifesaving and surfing events held in the site. The surf beach area also cradles sheltered beach resorts that are most popular and sought-after by groups and families on vacation. In the area, the pretty parkland facilitates for strolling and picnic activities.

Business and tourism are harmoniously combined in Maroochydore. The refreshing seaside is just ideal for vacationers, while the centers of trade and commercial operations are favorable sites for business activities. With a current population of just about 17,500 people, there surely is a bright spot for the future of Maroochydore.

Regions of interest near/in Maroochydore: Kuluin, Maroochy, Sunshine Coast, Buderim, Cotton Tree, Maroochydore South, Diddillibah, Bli Bli, Pacific Paradise, Twin Waters, Alexandra Headland.

Maroochydore is the sixth town mentioned in the original (Australian) version of the song "I've Been Everywhere".